January 25, 2022

Montville, NJ – Today, the Casha for Congress campaign in NJ-11 announced a first wave of endorsements and supporters.

“I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of initial support for my candidacy for the 11th Congressional District seat from the grassroots of the Republican Party all the way up to our representatives to the Republican National Committee,” stated Larry Casha. “The people running Washington are taking the great country in the wrong direction, and Mikie Sherrill is part of the problem. Morris County needs someone who will fight to empower parents, crack down on crime and stop inflation. Simply put, we need to stop the madness.”


Bill Palatucci – Republican National Committeeman

Ginny Haines- Republican National Committeewoman

Former Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll


John Sette, Former Morris County Republican Chair

Patti Page- Former Morris County Republican Chair

Ed Rochford- Former Sheriff

Gene Feyl -Former Freeholder, Former Denville Mayor

John Murphy -Freeholder and Former Morris Township Mayor

Rich Zeoli- Former Sussex County Republican Chair and Sussex County Freeholder

Current and Former Municipal Officials

Mark Taylor -Florham Park Mayor

Paul Carelli -Riverdale Mayor

Mike Wade -Boonton Alderman

Christopher Yates -Harding Township Committeeman and Former Mayor

Randall Charles -Kinnelon Council President

Gary Gemian-Lincoln Park Councilman

Richard Conklin -Montville Township Committeeman and Former Mayor

June Witty- Montville Township Committeewoman

Michael dePierro -Parsippany-Troy Hills Council President

Loretta Gragnani -Parsippany-Troy Hills Council Vice President

Baily Brower -Former Chatham Township Mayor

William Agnellino -Former East Hanover Mayor

Ron Francioli -Former Hanover Mayor

Raymond Kerwin -Former Lincoln Park Councilman

Joseph Gurkovich -Former Lincoln Park Councilman

John “Jay” Delaney-Former Morristown Mayor

Bruce Sisler -Former Morris Township Mayor

John Pendleton -Former Mountain Lakes Mayor

Catherine Winterfield-Former Pequannock Mayor

Edward Metz -Former Randolph Mayor

William Yago -Kinnelon Councilman

Ann Thompson -Lincoln Park Councilwoman

Robert Collins Former Kinnelon Mayor

Morris County Republican Committee Members (MCRC) and other persons of note:

Daniel Bevere Chatham Township MCRC Chairman

Ann Thompson Lincoln- Park MCRC Municipal Chair and Councilwoman

Robert Cascone Pequannock MCRC Municipal Chairman

Donald Dinsmore Former President Republican Club of the Chathams and Former Harding Republican Vice Chair

Andrew Delaney Morristown MCRC Municipal Chair

Dolores dePierro MCRC Parsippany Vice-Chair

Anthony Suppa (MCRC), Meegan Feeley (MCRC), John Bertoldi, Concetta Bertoldi, Wendy Jean Carmona (MCRC), James D’Amico (MCRC),  Mary D’Amico (MCRC), George Coppola (MCRC) Sherri Saarloos (MCRC), Christopher Carafano (MCRC), Daniel Colucci (MCRC), Susan Colucci (MCRC), Ernest Palatucci (MCRC), Donna Palatucci (MCRC), Tamara Roselius (MCRC), Debra Casha (MCRC),William Yago (MCRC), Valerie Yago (MCRC), Wayne Odenbrett (MCRC), Patricia Odenbrett (MCRC), Joan Kerwin (MCRC), Alison Spatola (MCRC), Sharon Battaglino (MCRC), Pascal Ferrara (MCRC), Christie Pagano (MCRC), Daniel Pagano (MCRC), Arnold Pepperman (MCRC), Craig Witty (MCRC), Dolores Eckert-Cook (MCRC), Peter Galea (MCRC), Patrick Pascarella (MCRC), Joanne Pascarella (MCRC), Laurie Bogaard (MCRC), Deb Gottsleben, Monsignor Herbert Tillyer St Peter RC Church Parsippany, Leonard Pizza (MCRC), Betty Jane Panos (MCRC), Kanu Patel (MCRC), John Beehler (MCRC), Alison Beehler (MCRC), Adam Gragnani (MCRC), Ahmed Kandil (MCRC), Robert Iracane(MCRC), Elinor Iracane(MCRC), June Carelli (MCRC), Mickey Chopra (MCRC), Bhavana Chopra (MCRC)